Press Release: McMahon Announces Acquisition of Anderson, Accelerating Its Growth and Enhanced Offerings

AIA Office McMahon Insurance Agency of Ocean City, NJ and Anderson Insurance Agency of Manahawkin, NJ have announced the planned merger of their business operations. McMahon will acquire Anderson Insurance Agency and the merged businesses will function under the McMahon leadership.

Anderson Insurance Agency (AIA), located at 295 Route 72 East in Manahawkin, NJ, provides Property & Casualty Insurance, such as homeowners, condominium, business, auto, and marine insurance, for clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Founded in 1967, AIA co-principal Andrew H. (“Andy”) Anderson has years of success built on their customer service philosophies and long standing partnerships with the top insurance carriers.  Daniel J. Taylor, AIA co-principal,  told clients in a letter, “In selecting the McMahon Insurance Agency, we focused on the similarities in how they manage their business along with similar demographics. Just as importantly, we know that the McMahon Insurance Agency will offer the same level of commitment and service. They have an outstanding reputation in the insurance industry and their community.”

“Because we’re both coastal”, explains Bill McMahon III, President of McMahon Insurance Agency, “our offices experience the same kind of issues. We’ve collaborated with Dan and Andy on these issues over the last 10 years and we realized we have similar philosophies and business standards. We are honored to be part of Dan and Andy’s continuation plan and look forward to a smooth transition”.

Anderson said they have worked together on industry committees, such as the Professional Insurance Agents Association. Anderson and Taylor will remain “in an active advisory role for a period of time,” their letter to clients said, “working closely with the McMahon Agency to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service.”

Andy commented “The McMahon family and business operate with the same mentality and values as we do, so our clients will get the same level of service as before. How our clients and employees get treated was one of our main reasons for choosing the McMahons to take over as Dan and I head into retirement”.AIA Office sign

The expanded business will serve out of 4 offices along the Jersey shore with over 65 employees.

McMahon Insurance Agency, operating out of offices in Cape May, Marmora, and Ocean City, is a well-known leading independent insurance agency in the South Jersey area, built on years of success and long term vision. Since its inception, McMahon’s business and service offering have evolved to meet the unique demands of the coastal insurance market.

To be the leading insurance agency in the area, McMahon has made customer service the central element to everything that they do. With this viewpoint, McMahon Insurance Agency is committed to continued growth for many more years to come. McMahon Marmora Office

A spokesperson for McMahon shared that they expect definitive agreements to be completed by the end of October and all offices will remain the same as before the acquisition.

“Their success is my success,” Anderson said. “A lot of the agencies get sold to large conglomerates, and they don’t run the insurance agency the same way that a local family does. We wanted to see this perpetuate with family ties, family interests and family values.”