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Protect Your Summer Toys!

Ah, spring and summer in New Jersey – you can’t beat this time of year here. Motorcyclists zooming down the streets with the wind in their hair. Boats of all types and sizes cruising along the water. For how harsh the winters can be, you deserve to live your best life in the warm months. Just don’t forget to insure your recreational vehicles! The rule is simple: if it takes you places, it needs an insurance policy. Let’s take five minutes to discuss.

On Land
Riding a motorcycle is such a thrill,

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Cyber Liability Insurance? What in the World is That??

Everyone loves and lives by the internet, but, wow, can it be a dangerous place.

We can’t really complain that there’s a downside to the digital world. After all, look how convenient technology has made our lives. We can find food without having to go look for it. We can deposit checks without waiting in line at the bank. We can see people halfway around the world without being there with them in person. Nevertheless, all of these cyber luxuries come with a cyber risk.

Is Your Business Vulnerable to a Data