NJ Special Event and Wedding Insurance

Special Event and/or Wedding Insurance in NJ is a policy designed to cover the liability insurance needs of people or organizations sponsoring an event over a short period of time. Often families or organizations will combine their efforts to host an event such as a fundraiser, wedding or other special event including family reunions, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Repast and any other important events. Often these events are held at properties that are rented such as country clubs, firehouse, community centers, church halls, etc. Often the owner of these rental properties will require that the person or organization hosting the event, names them as an additional insured.  Homeowner policies for the most part cannot do this — Special Event Insurance can.

If an event is being conducted by the by more than one person then special event insurance is definitely needed to provide coverage. Event Insurance can also provide liquor liability insurance. Whether you are serving alcohol free or making a charge for it the special event insurance policy can be tailored to meet your specific event and needs.

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