A condominium insurance policy protects you from the risks associated with being both a homeowner and a condo association member.

Condominium unit ownership comes several different ways. You can be responsible for replacement of the entire building, only the interior building finishes, no building items at all or something entirely different. Your responsibility is determined by the Master Deed and By-Laws. Only by looking at these documents and receiving a statement or certificate of insurance from the Condominium Association can you determine what NJ condominium coverage you need to purchase. We work diligently on our client’s behalf to ascertain the proper coverage needed.

It is important to note that any coverage secured by the Association cannot possibly cover your personal exposures! It is very important that you obtain your own coverage in addition to coverage secured by the Association.

Unit owner covers often include:

  • Fire, Hazard (other “perils”)
  • Building
  • Personal Property
  • Loss of use or loss of Rental income
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Expense Payments (reimbursement) to others
  • Loss Assessment Coverage
  • Flood insurance for Contents and or Building.

It is important to discuss your insurance needs with a licensed and experienced insurance professional to secure the right coverage for you. Shore locations add another level of difficulty in securing good coverage. If you rent your condominium unit your insurance needs are different from unit owners that do not rent. Anderson Insurance Agency has more markets for this type of coverage than most agents. Contact us to learn more about your options and to receive a quote on your New Jersey condo insurance.

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