Celebrating 50 Years

Anderson Insurance Agency has been protecting coastal New Jersey families and businesses since 1967. Through ever-changing economics and pastimes, our guiding principle has always been to provide reliable personal and business insurance options sourced from the most reputable providers. We’ve helped our 8,000+ clients weather many of the region’s most powerful storms in history, from the Perfect Storm in October of 1991 to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service has helped us expand our coverage area across the entire state of NJ. Meanwhile, our staff here on the Jersey Shore has made us the most trusted independent insurance agency for those who love to live with peace of mind that you expect from your insurance agent.

It doesn’t matter if your get-around is on four wheels, two wheels or a center console; AIA is there to insure you. Whether your home is an inland safe haven or a coastal retreat, we cover it. Seasonal businesses, year-round offices and mainland retail establishments all count on AIA to protect their assets. Medical professionals, builders and professional services providers rely on AIA to protect their lives and livelihoods.

Special Events, Giveaways, and Announcements

In 2017, Anderson Insurance Agency celebrates its 50th anniversary. That’s not just 50 years in business, but a lifetime of local knowledge, and the staying power to keep an eye toward the future. Proud of our heritage and history, we invite you to join us throughout our 50th year for special events, giveaways and announcements.

50th Anniversary Logo