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An Announcement from Anderson Insurance Agency

Dear Client:

We are very pleased and proud to inform you that Anderson Insurance Agency has signed an agreement of sale with the McMahon Agency of Ocean City, NJ, for them to acquire the agency, with settlement planned for late October 2019.

In selecting the McMahon Agency, we focused on the similarities in how they manage their business, together with their geographic and demographic regions being similar to ours. Just as importantly, we know that the McMahon Agency will offer the same level of commitment and service to Anderson Insurance Agency’s customers

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Protect Your Summer Toys!

Ah, spring and summer in New Jersey – you can’t beat this time of year here. Motorcyclists zooming down the streets with the wind in their hair. Boats of all types and sizes cruising along the water. For how harsh the winters can be, you deserve to live your best life in the warm months. Just don’t forget to insure your recreational vehicles! The rule is simple: if it takes you places, it needs an insurance policy. Let’s take five minutes to discuss.

On Land
Riding a motorcycle is such a thrill,

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Cyber Liability Insurance? What in the World is That??

Everyone loves and lives by the internet, but, wow, can it be a dangerous place.

We can’t really complain that there’s a downside to the digital world. After all, look how convenient technology has made our lives. We can find food without having to go look for it. We can deposit checks without waiting in line at the bank. We can see people halfway around the world without being there with them in person. Nevertheless, all of these cyber luxuries come with a cyber risk.

Is Your Business Vulnerable to a Data

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Do You Have All the Personal Insurance You Need? Are You Sure?

Everyone knows they need insurance, but most of us could use a little help figuring out exactly what kind of insurance to buy for our specific needs and lifestyle. Insurance agents can talk your head off about conditions and comparisons, which is why so many people are walking around underinsured. They don’t want to deal with figuring it all out!

It might not be the most exhilarating thing you do all day, but taking the time to understand the most common types of personal insurance can really go a long way

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Concern for All Business Owners

The “Me Too” movement has rocked the workplace from Hollywood to Washington, D.C. and everywhere in between. What began in October 2017 with bombshell reports accusing movie producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing and assaulting dozens of actresses has started a nationwide movement of women using the social media hashtag, #MeToo, in outwardly sharing their own experiences of receiving unwanted advances and remarks from men in the workplace.

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How to Prepare For a Hurricane

A hurricane can cause widespread devastation during and after it occurs. FEMA recently developed a guide designed to help you properly prepare for a hurricane and know how to protect yourself during and after one. Planning and preparing can make a big difference in safety and resiliency in the wake of a hurricane. The ability to quickly recover following a hurricane requires a focus on preparedness, advance planning, and knowing what to do in the event of a hurricane.

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Don’t Let Your Home Insurance Company Freeze You Out of Winter Coverage

Many homeowners assume that if something bad were to happen to their property, their homeowners insurance will automatically cover the damage. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Your insurance coverage can be voided if you do not take the necessary steps to protect your home from the elements.

Aside from the threat of a hurricane in the summer and fall months, winter is the most problematic season for homeowners in New Jersey. The freezing temperatures, howling winds and heavy snowstorms can wreak havoc on your home, and your insurer will

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ICC Insurance Sample Claim Letter and Process

Sample ICC Insurance Claim Letter and Process

This letter is to inform you about the Increased Cost of Compliance (or ICC Insurance) claim process and to list the information and documentation needed to complete this claim as required by the National Flood Insurance Program.

In order to qualify for an ICC insurance claim, your community must classify your house as being substantially damaged by flood, or have received repetitive flood losses totaling over 50% of the market value of the house within the last 10 years, and currently be out of compliance in

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